#1 source for natural dye plants

Mimosa hostilis

Family: Fabaceae (=Leguminosae; Mimosaceae)
Species: Mimosa hostilis (M. tenuiflora)
Common names: Jurema, Jurema-preta, MHRB.

The Mimosa plants are rich in many valuable ingredients, such as tannins, saponins, alkaloids and others.

In the textile industry it is used to dye hides and cloths.
It is also used to produce soap and medicine to the skin as healing and antiseptic.

Our Mimosa hostilis root bark is collected in the Northeast of Brazil, where it is object of cult for religions.
The plant itself is not rare, however the deep roots demands special care on the harvest in order to maintain high quality.

We carefully collect the roots, wash the sand away, peel the outer skin and rip off the inner wood.
After that, the inner root bark is dried and ground to a fine powder.