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Frequent Asked Questions:

How do I place an order?

-You might Contact Us. All orders are processed by email.

What the payment methods?

-We can accept payments by WesternUnion and SWIFT/iban.

Can you accept Paypal?

-Not now. We had bad experiences with Paypal in the past as they frozen our account for no reason and hold our money for 6 months.

What the shipping methods?

-Standard International Shipment (Economy) for small packages and Cargo (DHL Global) for wholesales.

Do you ship Courrier (Express)?

-Maybe. You should Contact Us to discuss details. However we recommend you to use Economy instead of Express, as it is much cheaper and is delivered almost in the same deadlines.

Can you ensure the delivery?

-Not at all, as delivery is third part's service. However we'll do our best to accomplish that. We will adjust invoice, labels, package and will follow any customer's instructions to raise the chances of delivery. We can also include the "Form A" (Origin Certificate) for Cargo shipments. Our delivery rate is around 95% of success, and we resolve the fails easily.

What if my order is lost or damaged in the transportation?

-In the case of lost or damage we will receive a compensation from the Post. In such case we will reship your order entirely for free.

What if my order is seized by the Customs?

-If your order is seized by the Customs of your country we can reship the goods for about half the original price. If it is seized by the Customs of Brazil, we will reship entirely for free.

What if my order is returned to the sender?

-In such case we can reship your order after the payment of the shipping costs, that use to be around 15~30% of the original total price.

Can I consume your products?

-We do not recommend. They are supposed for dyeing works, not for human consumption. However they are pest/pesticide free.

Why don't you hold a shopping cart app?

-We had it in the past, but it costs very much. We may spend 10x more money with hosting, technical support and other things than using the current model. Of course, such costs would pass to the customers, elevating the product's price, so we decided to do not waste of money anymore. This simple website works just as well.

Where is your farm located?

We are located in Brazil, Northeast region.